Your New Fishing Rod Transport System

Made in Colorado, U.S.A.

Designed, built, and tested in the USA by professional guides to safely hold up to 6 of your fishing rods, fully rigged and ready, so you can spend more time on the water. Backed by a worry-free warranty and American based customer service.

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Transport your fishing rods safely, inside your ride.

Trout Mount is a better alternative to all of the ‘on the roof’ type rod holders popping up in recent years. Many of those rooftop systems only hold 2-3 rods, reduce your gas mileage, advertise to would-be thieves, make parking in lower clearance garages or using car washes nearly impossible, and don’t fit on top of smaller vehicles. Most are also prohibitively expensive, and in many cases require purchasing additional mounting hardware to adapt them to your vehicle. 



Keep your rods safe, inside your ride


Trout Mount fits and adapts to most vehicles


Lower price point than rooftop rod carriers

Why Trout Mount?

Trout Mount is soft, safe, adaptable to most vehicles on the road, and comes in at a lower price point than nearly ALL other commercial rod carriers. After years of design and testing, we love it and we’re positive you will too. Whatever you drive, however you fish, get a Trout Mount and go get after it.

On The Go Fishing

Rigged & ready from home to water

Affordability & Rod Safety

No more broken rod tips
Under $300

Fits Almost All Vehicles

SUV's, Vans, Wagons, Hatchbacks, Sedans and Pickups with Toppers

Trout Mount Features

Adjustable Spreader Bar

Expand from 40″ to 67″ to accommodate sedans, S.U.V.s, vans, wagons, and even most truck toppers.

Ultra Powerful Suction Cups

Suction cups. They fall down right? Not these suction cups.

6 Hole Front Hanger

Ever have to untangle a pile of rods? Not anymore you won’t.


Several different mounting options to adapt to most vehicles

6 Individual Rear Hangers

Our gentle yet strong material keeps your rods snug and happy without ever leaving a mark.


Big stick, small car? No problem.

“Trout Mount came up with a brilliant product that helps all fishermen do what they love! 5280 Angler is proud to be in association with Trout Mount.”

– Jay Baichi
5280 Angler

KEeping your rods safe, one bump At a time.

Let’s face it, your expensive fishing gear wasn’t designed to get beat up bouncing around in a metal tube. 

Made In America
Fits almost all vehicles
Superb Quality Guarantee

Gear & Goods

Ezer Army Bag



Ezer Salewa



Ezer Carrier



Ezer Carrier



Ezer Gjacket



Ezer Gjacket



Ezer Caldera



Ezer Beanie



Customer Reviews & Testimonials

    "My Trout Mount works way better than my old rooftop carrier. Keeps me from breaking rods or getting them damaged (damage caused by my old tube-style carrier) and does it for less than half the cost of a rod vault. Not to mention it carries twice as many sticks. Better security having the rods inside too. Loving it, killer product!"

    Joey S

    Colorado Fly Fishing Guide

      "I actually purchased a Trout Mount a year ago and I love it! I talked a few of our guides at the shop into them and they have had nothing but good experiences."

      Izik A

      Idaho Fly Fishing Guide

        "The Trout Mount is an excellent product. Highly recommended for any fisherman who is looking for more fishing time, when traveling from stream to stream."

        Mark W

          "My son gave one to me for Fathers Day. I have used it a fair amount and love it."

          Tom C

          Trout mount

          Fishing Rod Transport System

          Designed, built, and tested in the USA by a professional guide for safely holding up to 6 of your fishing rods fully rigged and ready, so you can spend more time on the water doing what we all love.

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          Have you seen the Trout Mount in person yet?  THIS Saturday September 24th we will be at the Golden Farmers Market selling Trout Mounts, answering questions and running our last discount deal of the season.  Want us to...

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