Will Trout Mount work in my vehicle?

The best way to be sure a Trout Mount will work in your vehicle is by holding your fully rigged rod at the back of the vehicle and gauging where both the front hanger and the rear spreader bar should mount. The butt or cork of your rod should sit in between the rear (trunk) windows. If you have a longer rod than vehicle, make sure to check out this video and more at our YouTube channel.


Is it worth the price?

Absolutely. Quality products are not inexpensive these days. Trout Mount was designed, engineered, built, boxed, illustrated and came to life all with the help of 16 Colorado companies. Both the machined and injection molded parts are custom designed, well thought out, robust, durable and made from quality materials that have been tested by some of the best guides in the U.S. Trout Mount holds six rods fully assembled. Very few rod holders on the market hold that many rods, and if they do, they are 4 to 5x the price of our product.

We also have tons of rave reviews from industry professionals ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Can I buy the hardware separately?

At this point we are only offering extra suction mounts and our double suction mount upgrades as spare parts. We may offer individual parts in the near future so if you’re interested in only a portion of the Trout Mount, sign up for our email list and you’ll be notified as soon as those offerings are available. We will never sell your email to 3rd parties or spam you with other offers.


Do you offer a pro deal or industry discount?

We do! Email us at info@troutmount.com and attach a copy of your professional credentials. Usable credentials can include pay stubs from a fishing store, guide service or outfitter, a guide license, link to a bio on a guide service/outfitter website, or captain’s license issued in any state or province.


Does it come with all the necessary mounting hardware?

Absolutely! Unless you’re installing the Trout Mount in a carpeted pickup topper or in a unique DIY scenario, all you need is glass cleaner and a cloth to get going. Each Trout Mount comes with 3 of our single suction mounts, front hanger, rear spreader bar assembly with 6 rod hangers, and velcro mounts for grab handles and tubular structures. It’s everything you need to carry 6 rods and installs in just seconds.


Can I buy extra suction mounts for switching between vehicles?

Although our new style suction mounts can be easily moved from one vehicle to another or stuffed in your suitcase for use in a rental car on fishing trips, you can always grab extras or upgrade to our doubles.


What material is the product made from?

All of the soft parts are made of 70D injected molded urethane. The hard parts such as the end caps, hook pins, bushings etc. are either machined Delron or 3-D printed matrices. The rear spreader bar is made of an aluminum rod and a micro textured aluminum tube. While more expensive, we used aluminum instead of steel to make the product as light and durable as possible. No cheap plastic parts here.


Is it made in the USA?

Everything in the Trout Mount except for one component is sourced, made, and assembled in Colorado, U.S.A. We made the effort to support as many local businesses as possible. It might cost more, but supporting the local economy is very important to us and allows for greater quality control.


Are the components warrantied if something breaks?

They sure are. We warranty all of our parts for defects or workmanship for 1 year from your purchase date. See our warranty instructions for further details or contact us for your options.


Will the Trout Mount work in my camper van, RV, boat, or airplane?

(Seriously, we’ve been asked this one.)

The Trout Mount is pretty DIY friendly. All of the connection points for the front hanger and rear spreader bar are internally 1/4″20 threaded. This means it’s compatible with any GoPro hardware or can be hung from any bolt or screw with 1/4″20 threads. To our knowledge there are at least two airplanes flying around Alaska with a Trout Mount inside. Pretty neat.


Will this work with any fishing rod?

The Trout Mount works with fly rods, spinning rods, bait casters, surf rods, spey rods, and even some deep sea bottom fishing setups. Other than some types of huge offshore gear, if you can fish it…the Trout Mount will carry it.


What will my suction mounts stick to?

Our suction mounts will stick to any smooth surface such as glass, smooth plastics or metals. Our single suction mounts need 4″ of smooth surface to attach and our doubles need 8″. Our mounts, as well as all suction cups, do NOT work with textured surfaces.


Where should my front hanger mount?

The front hanger can be placed in a few different locations. Directly under your rear view, or to the right just next to the rear view both work well. The front hanger can also be mounted to a sunroof and hung downward.


Will the front hanger interfere with my view out of the windshield?

The view obstruction from the front hanger is extremely minimal. The structural component of the hanger is clear to provide more visibility and the soft portion was bead blasted to eliminate any glare off of the product from sunlight. mounting from a sun roof is also an option if visibility is a concern. Always check your local laws before installing any hardware on your windshield.


Box Dimensions?

The Trout Mount kit comes in our custom box which is 40.5 inches in length, 5 inches wide and 4.5 inches in height.


Rear Spreader Bar

  • The back spreader bar adjusts from 39 inches to 67 inches
  • Comes with 6 rear hangers where the butt/cork of the rods sit
  • It is NOT a tension rod, (no busting out windows!)
  • Can be easily unscrewed and taken out at any time with or without removing the mounting hardware
  • If the slimmer end disappears into the thicker end, simply turn the bar vertically (slim side down), and give it a fairly gentle shake. The beveled edge on the inside of the slide bushing will allow the slimmer bar to come out.


My rear hangers seem to be moving

  • Try washing your rear bar with a wet rag to remove any dust build-up. Dry climate will definitely lower the amount of frictional engagement, but that being said, Trout Mount LLC is based in the desert and we haven’t seen any degradation of the parts due to lack of moisture.
  • You can GENTLY try roughing up the inside loops of each rear hanger with medium-coarse grit sandpaper to create more frictional engagement.
  • We haven’t used this at all but there are some tack sprays on the market for various purposes. Things like Pow’r Tac and similar products are for grip enhancement on baseball gloves, wide receiver gloves, tennis grips etc. and might be overkill, but that would definitely do the job if roughing up the insides of the rear hangers doesn’t work. Most of those are washable with water or alcohol as well so it’s a low-risk option if the first 2 options don’t work.


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