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Trout Mount protects and preserves your rod much better than rooftop carriers, at half the cost. You won’t regret adding this setup to your routine” – Joey S. Colorado Fishing Guide

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“Trout Mount came up with a brilliant product that helps all fishermen do what they love! 5280 Angler is proud to be in association with Trout Mount.”

– Jay Baichi
5280 Angler

Our story

Designed, built, and tested by a guide for safely holding up to 6 of your fishing rods fully rigged and ready, so you can spend more time on the water doing what we all love.

Crafted with passion

Arose from a need

Trout Mount arose from a need. As a fishing guide, Nick was always carrying rods in his truck. A LOT of rods. Not to mention a TON of gear. He needed something to keep all those rods tidy, stored safely away from heavy crates of waders, big coolers, camping gear, and the usual furry companion. Keeping all the sticks rigged and ready to go was also a must because let’s face it, setting up and rigging rods is a pain. At the very least it’s time consuming and burns through terminal tackle, costing you money. So… one day Nick fashioned a humble yet effective accessory from random parts around the garage.

That humble accessory got a lot of attention from fellow anglers, fishing clients – even folks at the next gas pump. After MANY requests and some friendly nudging, we decided to give it a go making them ourselves. The process was organic. There were many setbacks; a massive learning curve, a global pandemic, lockdowns, and near constant supply chain disruptions. Against many odds and on the other side of much hard work we brought to life the Trout Mount we are using today.

We hope you’ll use one too, ’cause it’s pretty great. Being ready to rock when you roll up to your water can GREATLY streamline your day, especially with fishing clients in tow. You’ll never miss that blue wing hatch you happen to walk into. That bait ball boiling 20 yards off the beach? You’re on it. Because your rods arrived with you in one piece, rigged and ready at a moment’s notice. 

Meet Our Team

Nicholas Souder

Creator & CEO

Victoria Howlett

Chief Media Officer

Sage Yazzie

Senior Marketing Strategist


Chief Dog Officer


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